About Me.

I was born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. In 1976 I graduated from Peacock Collegiate and in 1979 I married Russ. I became mom to Winter, Marshall and Bridie and I am a proud Grandmother to 3 GREAT Kids! and lets not forget about the family pet, Boston Terrier, Rody-O.

To me a REALTOR® is not just the person who lists or sells Homes. A REALTOR® is an advisor, a facilitator, a confidant, a negotiator, and a matchmaker. As a REALTOR®, I coach and support people in making decisions that are right for them and enable forward motion in their lives. 


About Laurie.

“When Laurie Lunde entered Real Estate Sales in 2011 licensed as a REALTOR®, it was the beginning of a career 25 years in the making, and since that time became fully licensed under residential, farm & ranch and commercial. Currently she works actively with both Buyers & Sellers allowing for busy, but rewarding days in many areas of Southern Saskatchewan.

Laurie was born in Moose Jaw and graduated from Peacock Collegiate in 1976, married Russ Lunde in 1979, and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Understanding the needs of the community and its people, is integral to providing good service to Clients. Are they first time home Buyers? Moving from a different city or province? Needing more space for a growing family? Downsizing for many reasons? What is their budget? All aspects are as unique to each property, as they are to each person involved, and all have high levels of stress to be overcome. Experiencing a comfortable working relationship is critical for Clients.

With so many reasons to sell or buy real estate; residential, commercial/business, acreage, multi-family, farm/ranch,...each reflect a significant investment requiring expertise to ensure a successful outcome.

Working in a team is the strategy for successful real estate sales for Laurie. The “home team advantage”! Having professionals in place to make sure the marketing is the best possible is the key to a successful real estate sale. Part of that marketing team is professional photographers, stagers, personal assistant, administrative marketers, newspapers, property magazine editors,...& even the “sign guy”!

The best part of the career is the people, says Laurie. It’s a lot like meeting “friends & family, I haven’t met yet”! Sometimes it is a joyful occasion, and other times grief and pain are a part of the real estate process, but throughout it all it is a privilege to be allowed into the lives of this community! Good times and not, are a part of life and the real estate market! That’s everyday life! The goal is to make it as straightforward and seamless as possible.

The real estate market buys and sells in “real time”! This means that specific strategies need to be explained to Buyers and Sellers so that they understand what type of market they are a part of. 

Matching up buyers and sellers is the goal!

Laurie says it’s a privilege to work in a community like Moose Jaw, Regina, and area, and can’t wait to know who she will meet when the phone rings.